Studio Uncoated

Berlin / Amsterdam


Founder: Josephine de Fijter

Number of registration (NL) 65661451

© 2019 Studio Uncoated 


Our mission is to create compelling marketing concepts that include the creative authenticity of artists. 

© Inez Agnese, Bruna Mayer & Tom Hegen



© Matthew Coleman


Talent Scouting

For your upcoming campaign, we find the right creative talent to produce content with. We work with an interdisciplinary group of unique creatives; photography, video, sound, illustration and many more.

Surprise your target audience with the unexpected, by communicating your brand values in a unique way.

We believe in the collaboration between creators and brands. As each has a strength they can both benefit from. Collaborating in creating meaningful content that makes a brand stand out.


See here an impression of the possibilities.

  • Content Production

  • Artistic Direction

Experiential Marketing


We design both online and offline immersive activations that engage your target audience. Getting attention from your target audience is getting harder in today’s market place. That’s why we design multi-sensory experiences that strengthen the relationship between you and your customers.


Instead of focusing on what the results of the activation will bring, we believe in aligning the branded narrative by bringing true value to your customers. When an intrinsic need is satisfied, customers are proven to be significantly more loyal to your brand.


  • Branded Campaigns

  • Marketing Activations




Opening on the 10th of January.

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