Studio Uncoated is founded by Dutch Designer Josephine de Fijter. She launched Studio Uncoated from the need to design products and spaces that narrate a deeper meaning to us as emotional human beings. Assuming that knowing ourselves is the key starting point in improving our psychological wellbeing.
Josephine believes that in our Western society a disconnection is taking place between the mind and the body. This leaves us with many questions regarding how to deal with painful emotions and how to interpret our bodily sensations. Art and design are a potential gateway to learning more about the world, or oneself.
By combining psychotherapy with a multi-sensory design practice she wants to empower people to connect with their mind and body. Designing user-experiences that trigger the senses and invite emotions to take part.
De Fijter designs metaphorical bridges between several fields, 
her temporary objects and multi-media installations aim to guide you towards your unconscious experience, through materializing natural phenomena such as the breath. Supporting you in processing difficult emotions and de-charging the negative memories stored in the body.


Certified Dutch Designer

Proud member of the Association of Dutch Designers (Beroepsvereniging Nederlandse Ontwerpers)


Photography by Martin Sweers