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Amsterdam Dance Event Foundation

In 2018 ADE handed over a part of their art platform to creators in order to address important social and political issues within their work. They got the opportunity to share their view on important social issues within the electronic music industry and to inspire and educate the audience. Why? Creators have the talent to reflect on what is happening in society in an inspiring and non-imposing way, leaving the audience to reflect for themselves. They engage the audience through creation and artistic vision rather than simple information.


For this event, Uncoated integrated visual art & soundscapes in an overall experience; photography and digital art were an important part of the program. ADE as a brand wants to blur the lines between clubs, festivals, museums and galleries. It is their aim to inspire the industry to move towards contemporary art instead of decoration and entertainment. Uncoated  bridged the gap between art institutions and the club scene, making art more accessible to a wider audience.

Special thanks to

Sound & Music:  Atelier Francesco
Video editing & Animation: Leonardo Franke
Art Director: Josephine de Fijter
Photography: Inigo Garayo


Participating artists:
Synchrodogs, Tom Hegen, Inez Agnese, Giuseppe Gradella, Wonjun Jeong, Matthew Coleman, Bryce Willem, Luke & Mandy, Lana Prins, Bruna Mayer,  Lisette Appeldorn,  Cristina Coral

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Founder: Josephine de Fijter

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