A new materiality for skin intimacy with non-human organisms


Material research

Conceptual development

Product design

Seen at:

Showcase during Dutch Design Week '21

Participant of the Bio Design challenge award '21

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A designed beauty ritual that brings our skin in connection with probiotic bacteria. Working with a waste product from the Kombucha brew, transformed into a beneficial skin care product.


We as human species have dominated the world and other species mostly by our unique ability to organize ourselves through communication. We have overlooked the importance of the well-being of other living organisms. The vegetal world is crucial for example in maintaining the correct density and quality of the atmosphere. By having pretended to be the master of nature we started to only value what has a permanent and immutable consistency.  This replacement of industrially produced materials instead of the use of biomaterials have caused a lowering value of the vegetal world as our environment. 


Collaborating with Kombucha brewers provided me with their bio-based waste product. Whilst working with this bio-based material I was surprised by the unique abilities linked to these living organisms. The fungi sheet floating in the brew  consists of a large amount of probiotics. Giving it interesting abilities to be used in cosmetics, wound healing and skin disease treatment. I am currently developing an applicator for using the living material on our skin. 

The skin care ritual consists of a tea infused balm and sugar-based scrub. The ingredients function as the nourishment of the living bacteria. A special sculpural element on the pot is added to give the bacteria a tangible presence in our bathroom.

Marina Otero Verzier

Maartje Dros & Eric Klarenbeek


Production partners:

Sieva Diamantakos

Martin Sweers
Ieva Valule

Danny Houtkamp




Skin ritual performed during DDW '21


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4_Bacterial Skin Carrier_Josephine de Fijter_DAE.png