We are a Design agency that collaborates with multi-disciplinary creatives and artists around the world for tailor-made brand activations.

3 departments


Get unlimited creative ideas by sharing your creative brief with our creative network of artists, creatives, designers and agencies.

1. Choose your budget and fill in the creative brief.

2. Receive ideas from our network.

3. Execute the chosen concept (copyright free).


We are responsible for quality control. Thereby we guarantee per budget given a number of qualitative ideas. Our fee is 20% on top of the budget. Download the form here and send it to josephine@uncoated.de

> 500 Talents
Starting from your chosen budget

We support you and your project from start to finish. We combine expertise in the field of advertising with experience working with artists and an ever-growing professional network. Our role is to create the perfect balance between brand and artistic expression. We make sure the alliance maintains its artistic integrity whilst communicating the branded narrative as agreed upon.

  • Project management

  • Artistic guidance

  • Curation

  • Production



Via traditional advertising, it is getting very expensive to stand out from the competition. Our solution? Designing shared experiences with your customers in a branded environment.


Studio Uncoated helps you to accomplish this, by designing immersive concepts both in an online and in physical environments, creating spaces where compelling connections are made possible.


Not only does it result in memorable experiences, proven is that Word-of-Mouth because of experiential design, has the highest influence rate on purchase intention (between 50-80%).

Studio Uncoated


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Founder: Josephine de Fijter

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