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Le Fawnhawk

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Photographer and creative director Petecia Fawnhawk makes stunning surrealistic work inspired by her love for the desert. Whatever the medium, her work is distinguished by a soulful minimalism and a romantic surrealism, underpinned by a transcendental mission to morph her perception of reality according to her own sensibility

© Petecia Le Fawnhawk / NOWNESS: ØDE// Co-Directed with Eliot Lee Hazel

About the artist

To name Petecia a multidisciplinary practitioner would be an understatement. From drawing, photo collage to land art to video, Le Fawnhawk’s work is fueled by creativity and guided by intuition, a combination made even more potent by the fact that she is completely self-taught.

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© Petecia Le Fawnhawk; titled: Bishop Kings the Pawn

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