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Levi van Veluw

As Hermès makes its debut at the annual Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva, it resets the horological universe with an interactive installation. Dutch artist Levi van Veluw offers visitors a chance to share an emotion akin to a ritual. Inside the low-tech square display windows evoking the shape of the famous Hermès silk scarves, he develops nine interactive animations. Visitors activate little mechanisms which, via a set of pistons and gears, bring to life a spectacular monolith in the centre of the atrium. A building machine offering everyone a timeless experience, an emotion-filled journey on the theme of “time, a Hermès object”.

© Levi van Veluw

About the artist

Since graduating in 2007, Levi van Veluw has produced multi-disciplinary works that includes scenografic installations , photographs, films, sculptures, paintings and drawings. This varied body of work has been showcased in many different locations across Europe and the United States, earning him a number of nominations and awards.

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© Levi van Veluw

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