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Otherworld VR Bar

A new virtual reality bar has opened in London. Imagined by the virtual reality studio 'The Dream Corporation'. The bar invites its visitors to live an extraordinary journey whilst having your private space.

© Photos Credit : Mariell Lind Hansen

This new generation “arcade bar” offers customers the opportunity to experience the latest virtual reality experiences in an incredible environment. Each player occupies his own immersion room to be reunited with his friends in an alternative reality. Between two trips in parallel dimensions, visitors can also enjoy cocktails or craft beer in a futuristic atmosphere.

© Photos Credit : Mariell Lind Hansen

Immersion rooms are multi-sensory, allowing players to live a complete experience. Thanks to the minimalist decor, the light is the main element of the set design. Degraded neon colors break down the angles and shapes of space in a subtle way. With this setting, Red Deer wanted to open the space to a wider audience than those associated with stereotypical 80s arcade games.

© Photos Credit : Mariell Lind Hansen

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