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Guided visualization technique for our well-being.


Audio-visual installation design

Studio Uncoated

Autonomous work

Visual Wash is an audio-visual installation based on the Tibetan philosophy of ''Dzogchen''. Which believes that when we are conscious of our inner-selves that we do not need externalities to make ourselves happy.

Currently, mindfulness is a big topic in our society. There are loads of tools and self-help books. But if we listen to the philosophy of ''Dzogchen'' this is unnecessary. As we possess everything within ourselves.

I wanted to create a visual meditation whereas the viewer is guided through different parts of our body. Visualization methods whereby the connection between our brain and body are in synergy are proven to be beneficial. What if we can lift blockages in the body by watching a curated selection of visuals? The narrative focuses on each energy point (chakra) and encompasses a hidden message.  

Artist: Josephine de Fijter

Sound Design: Christian Grothke

Animation & Edit: Leonardo Franke 

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